Parent Info 6 week

Our camp environment helps youngsters, both boys and girls 6-18, reach their full potential and provides them with a solid foundation for the future…both on and off the golf course.

This is the 15th year that we have run programs in the North Hills area and we have had much success and satisfaction in graduating hundreds of well-mannered, educated junior golfers into the golf community.

 We have also taught programs for the YMCA, The Boys Clubs of America, Mercy Hospital of Pittsburgh, and the Sarah Heinz Foundation. We are a small, but growing, family-run academy that is dedicated to teaching young people about all aspects of the game of golf. We teach not only the fundamentals and physical aspects of the game, but we also stress rules and etiquette, so that our graduates will be welcomed and respected on any golf course that they play.


We offer evening and daylight sessions, with parent and private lessons available too, that will help to fit golf into any schedule. Most of our programs feature a mix of lesson time and competition which has proven to be a wonderful way to make learning fun and to keep the programs exciting and new every week.  Ages for our lessons are from ages 6-18 with classes divided by both age and ability level.

We will also have our end-of-year picnic to celebrate the accomplishments of all of our students. Our picnics include all the food you can eat, and great door prizes that are donated every year by golf related businesses all over the country. Also, at the picnic we have a gift for each junior golfer. It is a wonderful event, and a great wrap-up to the sessions.

We hope that your family will join ours this spring & summer to learn, play and enjoy this wonderful game. It looks as though it will be a very fun, educational and exciting season for us all!!


  • Check the website weekly for any changes and announcements!!  We try to stay on the schedule as much as possible but things do come up and we must change days due to weather, holidays, etc.
  • Know what week it is!! Please write the dates on your syllabus and keep track of where you need to be every week. A schedule is posted on our website for your convenience.
  • Be on time!! Especially for playing lessons and competition. The tee times we have are dictated by the courses we play, there is no flexibility.  We will never leave a golfer unattended.  Please don't be late picking up your kids.
  • Make-up and Refunds or changes to accommodate different sports activities Any classes that are cancelled will be made up at the discretion of the NHJGA staff.  We will make every effort to make up the class the week of the cancelled lesson. Special schedule accommodations will be handled on an individual basis.  However, we will not offer makeup classes to accommodate other sports and summer activities.  We have a no refund policy once the classes have begun.  Spots are limited and classes will close before the first day.  If you have to cancel before the classes begin, a $50 charge will be assessed before a refund is given. 
  • Proper uniform and accessories are expected as part of our Academy, Students will be expected to act and dress appropriately. Uniform shirts must be worn for all lessons and competition. Tennis shoes or soft spike golf shoes only for all regular lessons and no boots or sandals permitted.
  • Be aware of the weather!! We play and teach in the rain if necessary so come prepared. If lightning or thunder develop or are present, we will not play. If dangerous weather develops suddenly, the instructors will determine, at that time, if we will reschedule or count the lesson as complete. Please feel free to call the cell phone numbers in the back of the booklet on questionable weather days to get an update on your lesson outlook.
  • In addition to wet weather, we play in very hot weather as well. Please bring water bottles, hats, or sunscreen if necessary. The students walk 9 holes at the golf course and Par 3 course and expend a lot of energy. Be aware of this and prepare accordingly. The golf course has pull carts available for bags for $1—this is not included in your session fee, but we recommend this for smaller students and on very hot days.
  • Occasionally the golf course or the Par 3 (which are public facilities) have an outing which may interfere with our schedule. If this happens, they notify us well in advance, and we will pass the schedule change on to you as soon as possible. NHJGA has no control over these changes should they occur.