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How do I know if this program is for my child?

 We will assess your skill level and make any changes as necessary.  In addition, we always strive to group golfer based on age level as well as skill level.  Golfers that attend the NHJGA are striving to improve their game and have fun playing the great game of golf. We specialize in beginner level golfers

What do I need to bring the first day of class?

An introductory email will be sent out the week before the camp as a reminder.  Golfers will need all of their golf clubs and dress appropriately.  Golf shoes are not required.  All fees are covered in the registration cost. 

Do parents need to stay for classes?

Parents are welcome to stay but are encouraged to let our instructors do the teaching.  We will also play the course and parents should stay in the clubhouse during this time.  Most parents do not stay for the camp.  Our instructors are certified teachers and have all necessary clearances.

What if I am going to miss one or two of my scheduled days?

We have a limited number of spots to accommodate junior golfers.  No refunds will be given for missing a day of camp.  If you have an emergency prior to the camp please give us a call.  We will offer a make-up class at the end of the summer.   

What if it is raining all do I know if the camp is still on?

We will not make personal calls to parents.  Parents are encouraged to sign up with our remind messaging system to get immediate text alerts. More information will be given on the first day of class. 

What if my child doesn't have golf clubs?

The NHJGA cannot provide a set of clubs for all junior golfers.  We have a few extra clubs at the lesson and they can be borrowed at no cost.  We encourage our parents to look for a modest set of clubs.  All golfers will need at least a putter and wedge.

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